David Sides – “The Mozart of Hip-Hop and R&B”


David Sides, Klavier-Virtuose aus Riverside, Kalifornien, ist dafür bekannt, dass er Instrumentals von bekannten HipHop & R&B Songs auf dem Klavier nachspielt. Deswegen auch sein Spitzname „The Mozart of Hip-Hop and R&B„. Sein neustes Werk ist eine Zusammenstellung diverse Kanye West Beats. Unbedingt anschauen:

Kanye West Melody by David Sides

Weitere Tracks:

One Republic – Apologize By David Sides
Chris Brown Feat. T-Pain – Kiss Kiss By David Sides
T-Pain – Buy you a drink By David Sides
Fat Joe – Make It Rain By David Sides
Rihanna – Umbrella By David Sides
Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around By David Sides
Sean Paul – We Be Burning By David Sides
Bobby Valentino – Anonymous By David Sides
Shop Boyz – Party Like A Rockstar By David Sides
Omarion – Ice Box By David Sides

Mehr Informationen und Videos findet ihr hier.

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  • Diana

    I love to look your videos and I play the piano,too.
    Maybe you can write me and mail me the notes of all the fantastic notes???

  • Sophi

    Hiii =)
    (auch wenn es vllt besser wäre englisch zu schreiben werde ich doch bei deutsch bleiben *g* (so wie´s sich gehört^^))…
    Schön das es Dich gibt =) und ich somit die möglichkeit habe, deine tollen videos zu hören :wink:
    Sei gesegnet : – )

  • Laura

    I love your version from apologize. That´s the reason why I`m sitting in front of my piano since 5 hours trying to play it. but playing without notes is very difficult. So could you mail me the notes??
    that would be awesome.( I´m german that´s the reason why my english is not so good…)

  • anna

    hey :smile:
    i want to ask for all the fantastic notes too:-)
    i would be very happy if i get it!!!:-)

  • Linda

    I love how david sides play the piano…
    when he play I get the feeling like he and the piano are the same thing…
    I play piano , too.
    I wish I could play like this… it’s so amazing beautiful and wonderfull…
    I want ask for the notes,too.
    sry that my english isn’t so good…^^

  • Lukas

    I also play the piano and it’s fantastique to listen to your versions of the songs. „viva la vida“ is great!!!
    and the same question as the others asked you: Could you please send me the notes of „viva la vida“? or could you tell me whrere to buy them?

    It would be nice to hearing from you;)

  • Bianca

    this is wonderfull, how you play this songs
    it is so amazing beautiful and I can´t get enough
    of you.
    i lost tears, when i heared this songs
    the version from chasing cars and in the end makes me so feeling better.
    i like you!!!!!!

    god bless you!!!!!!!
    kiss and bye

  • Kemir

    davis sides mein vorbild!!!! (´´icebox´´)

  • Sandra

    wow.. I’m so glad to hear you playing piano…it’s so aweful, to hear the songs you play. I’ve never heard someone playing better than you.
    I’m playing since I’m 4 years old. But I never tried something like this.
    It’s so great. I love this songs.

    Do it your way.
    God bless you and your family…

    Greets from germany

  • Noel R.


    du spielst echt atemberaubend!!!
    Ich selber spiele Klavier und es ist echt nicht leicht, sich all diese Lieder zu merken, mit Noten und Begleitung!

    Deutsch und Englisch ;)
    Mein Englisch ist nicht so gut….daher….;D

    Hello, you play breathtaking!!!
    I play piano on my own, and it is really not easy to keep all this Notes with Accompaniment in mind!

    German and English ;)
    My Englisch isn’t good, so…;D

  • Julia S.

    I love your wonderful playing. This is soooo amazing and beautiful.

    ….You are a golden god…. :0)

    Greetings from Germany

  • David

    Hey Mr. Sides

    I play piano too and maybe you can send me an e-mail.

    Greets from Germany

    P.s.: Can you speek a little bit German because my English isn`t so good!

  • klaviere Berlin

    Magie und Musik wollen singen und jubeln

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