Shake The Dust (Dokumentation)

Breakdancing around the world“ ist das Motto der Dokumentation über die „Breakdance“-Subkultur. Für die äußerst interessante „Blogumentary“ mit dem Titel „Shake The Dust“ war Adam von Loose Luggage in 7 Städten auf der ganzen Welt unterwegs:

“Shake the Dust” is a feature documentary that tells the stories of break-dancers in struggling communities around the globe that, although separated by cultural boundaries and individual struggles, are intrinsically tied to one another through their passion for break-dancing and hip-hop culture.

Hip-hop music, through rhythm and poetry, tells a unique story–it balances on a line between party music and prophesy. ”Shake the Dust” is one piece of that story– a story of wildness and grace. A story that seeks to show the beauty of individuals in places like Sana’a, Yemen, Kampala Uganda, and Port au Prince, Haiti. A story that shows how breakdancing– which seems to be transcending even hip-hop itself– ties them together and gives them hope.“

Shake the Dust – Making Of

Shake the Dust – Yemen

Shake the Dust – India

Shake the Dust – Uganda

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