DJ Chris Read: Gang Starr – Daily Operation (25th Anniversary Mixtape)

Am 5. Mai 1992 erschien das Album „Daily Operation“ von Guru und DJ Premier über Chrysalis/EMI Records. Das Jubiläum feiern Waxpoetics und DJ Chris Read mit einem speziellen Gang Starr-Mixtape inklusive jeder Menge Original Samples, Remixes und Album-Tracks. Die komplette Tracklist findet ihr unter

„Last month saw the 25th Anniversary of ‘Daily Operation’, the third studio album by one of Hip Hop’s most celebrated duos, Gang Starr. That anniversary having coincided with the release of our Ahmad Jamal celebration mix, we’ve held this one back a few weeks but are pleased to now share with you this exclusive tribute mix to the much loved LP containing album tracks, interview snippets and of course original sample material. In keeping with tradition, this mix is presented in collaboration with Wax Poetics and mixed by Chris Read.”

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