DJ Rashad Hayes – Mos Def (Expanded)

Ein ganz ganz feiner Best Of Mos Def Mix von DJ Rashad Hayes. Die komplette Tracklist gibt’s bei Soundcloud.

One of my favorite MC’s of all time is Mos Def. The man was so damn fluid on the mic and actually cared about the things he talked about. A true poet. Growing up, it was very important for me to see people who were actually intelligent while still retaining that cool factor. I think many times in the black community, you equate a person being extremely well-read as either snobby and elitist or a straight sell-out with no self-awareness. Mos was able to shatter those misconceptions beautifully. The man is an award-winning actor, true mc, poet, and producer. And he does all of them with skill and a nobility. Hip-hop is meant to serve as a positive beacon for the community. Salute Mos aka Dante Smith. Another tribute mix. :)

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