Ganxtas Don’t Rap, They B.O.O.G.I.E. Vol.3

Fredfades aus Norwegen präsentiert den inzwischen dritten Teil seiner Reihe „Ganxtas Don’t Rap, They B.O.O.G.I.E.„. Funky!

„This is the mix I’m most satisfied with out of all my mixes. All records are original first press copies, except from the Pyramid Plus (obviously). Some of them dollarbin-jams, some of them very rare. Most of the tracks are from 45′s, but there’s a few 12″s & LP cuts in there aswell. Most of the stuff is indie or private 1980-1986 boogie/electric modern soul/boogiefunk records. Two of them are edits I did, the rest is untouched.“

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