Skratch Bastid & The Gaff – SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP!

Soul Sisters, Stand Up! Skratch Bastid und The Gaff haben hier einen wunderbaren, 80-minütigen Funk/Soul/R&B/Breaks Mix zusammengeschustert. Female only.

„2 years in the making. Featuring the sounds of soulful ladies from the mid-60s & mid-70s – a snapshot of love, pain, happiness, oppression, strength, struggle and more from an era where records were the primary outlet for these voices. These messages are driven home by the beats and grooves from what is undeniably the funkiest decade in music history. From Freda, Aretha, Nina & Diana to Betty Everett, Lavette & Davis, we take you on a journey to a mindset, using tunes both classic and criminally overlooked to tell the story. Mixed together in classic mixtape fashion… you know, with mixing. Listen! Love! Learn! 100% female Funk, Soul, R&B & Breaks!“

The Emotional content of The Voices and Messages from The Soul Sisters of the 60’s & 70’s, during radical times in humanity’s development. Women’s Emancipation, the Age Of Aquarius, Husbands & Lovers & Fathers sent to War, burgeoning record labels, African American Equality, the american dream; you name it, these chick’s dealt with it. Nina, Marlena, Marva, Freda, Aretha, Patti, Lyn, and on and on, they are all an integral part of our musical history and culture, and have shaped the lives of millions and millions of not only our preceding generation, but also ours threw legendary status, immortal songs, and the sampling of hip hop culture. – Gaff

This is probably the mixtape that I’ve worked the longest on, ever. Gaff and I spent countless hours figuring out just how to give you the goods, and here it is. Recommended to be bumped on a nice system with bass, but that goes without saying. Why are you satisfied with playing your music off them laptop speakers anyway? Super funky artwork courtesy of my man Rhek. – Skratch Bastid

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