The Pharcyde & Chris Read – Labcabincalifornia (20th Anniversary Mixtape)

Die legendäre HipHop-Crew The Pharcyde aus dem Süden von Los Angeles feiert in diesem Jahr das 20-jährige Jubiläum ihres Longplayers Labcabincalifornia. Mix-Guru Chris Read nimmt das zum Anlass ein passendes Anniversary Mixtape rauszuhauen. Classic!

„To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Pharcyde’s sophomore album Labcabincalifornia, our friend Chris Read has crafted a fly-as-pie mix of album tracks, remixes, and original sample material. Tune in and enjoy!“

1. Les McCann – ‚What’s Going On (Live)‘ (sampled in ‚Bullshit‘)
2. The Pharcyde – ‚Bullshit‘ (Instrumental)
3. Chris Read – ‚Theme #3‘ (Scratchapella)
4. Bob Marley – ‚Get Up, Stand Up‘ (Loop) (sampled in ‚Bullshit‘)
5. Gary Burton – ‚Sing Me Softly of the Blues‘ (sampled in ‚Bullshit‘)
6. Rodney Cee & Kevie Kev Rockwell – ‚Stoop Rap‘ (sampled in ‚Pharcyde‘)
7. The Pharcyde – ‚Pharcyde‘
8. Cal Tjader – ‚The Bilbao Song‘ (sampled in ‚Groupie Therapy‘)
9. The Pharcyde – ‚Groupie Therapy‘
10. A Tribe Called Quest – ‚Lyrics to Go‘ (Loop) (sampled in ‚Groupie Therapy‘)
11. Minnie Riperton – ‚Inside My Love‘ (sampled in ‚Groupie Therapy‘)
12. Stan Getz & Luis Bonfa – ‚Suadade Vem Correndo‘ (sampled in ‚Runnin‘)
13. Run D.M.C – ‚Rock Box‘ (Extract) (sampled in ‚Runnin‘)
14. The Pharcyde – ‚Runnin‘ (Acapella)
15. The Pharcyde – ‚Somethin‘ That Means Somethin‘
16. The Beastie Boys – ‚The New Style‘ (Extract) (sampled in ‚Drop‘)
17. The Pharcyde – ‚Drop‘
18. A Tribe Called Quest – ‚Check The Rhime‘ (Loop) (sampled in ‚Drop (Beatminerz Remix)‘)
19. The Pharcyde – ‚Drop‘ (Beatminerz Remix Instrumental)
20. The Pharcyde – ‚Y?‘
21. Mass Production – ‚Keep My Heart Together‘ (sampled in ‚Moment in Time‘)
22. The Pharcyde – ‚Moment in Time‘
23. The Pharcyde – ‚Devil Music‘
24. Wu-Tang Clan – ‚Da Mystery of Chessboxin‘ (Loop) (sampled in ‚Devil Music‘)
25. Roy Ayers and Carla Vaughn – ‚You Send Me‘ (sampled in ‚The Hustle‘)
26. The Pharcyde – ‚The Hustle‘
27. Vince Guaraldi Trio – ‚Fly Me To The Moon‘ (sampled in ‚Splattitorium‘)
28. The Pharcyde – ‚Splattitorium‘
29. Cannonball Adderley – Walk Tall / Mercy Mercy Mercy (sampled in ‚She Said‘)
30. The Pharcyde – ‚Passin Me By‘ (Extract) (sampled in ‚She Said‘)
31. The Pharcyde – ‚She Said‘
32. The Pharcyde – ‚The E.N.D‘
33. [Bonus Track] The Pharcyde feat Lizzy Parks & Giles Barratt – ‚Runnin‘ (Chris Read Rap Renaissance Remix)

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