Instagram of the day: The Coffeemonsters

Der deutsche Texter und Fotograf Stefan Kuhnigk aus Hamburg zaubert aus Kaffeeflecken geniale kleine Monster. Die wunderbaren Illustrationen unter dem Titel „The Coffeemonsters“ findet man auf Instragram und Facebook. Prints seiner „Kreaturen“ gibt es bei Society6.

„I spilled some on a piece of paper the other day in cold november and found something. A coffeemonster. Since then i do it day by day, or at least i try. I create sweet, lovely and sometimes just evil coffeemonsters because i like doing it and have by now made about threehundred of them. I really enjoy every single one because i enjoy creation and the determination or coincidence of coffee hitting paper.“

Making of coffeemonsters #169:

Fotos: Stefan Kuhnigk / The Coffeemonsters

via LS

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