BTS – Departure EP

Vorhin in die Mailbox geflattert. Balance And The Traveling Sounds, kurz BTS, ist eine sieben Mann starke „SoulHipJaFunk“ Band aus Los Angelos. Die Jungs machen tolle Musik… Hip Hop, Jazz, Neo Soul, Funk, Rock, alles dabei. Im September erschien die neue EP „Departure“ als Free-Download:

„The album consists of 6 tracks featuring songs from their popular live performance music videos such as “Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) and “Won’t Do” (J Dilla Tribute). “Departure EP” also displays Balance And The Traveling Sounds’ audible maturity as a group; especially showcased in new singer, Mike Eddie’s smooth vocal delivery.“

DOWNLOAD: BTS – Departure EP

Balance and the Traveling Sounds – Won’t Do (J Dilla):

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