Cali Co-op Vol.1 (Mixtape)

Infinite Cycle, J Buziness und DJ Gade Real präsentieren das gemeinsame Projekt „Cali Co-op Vol.1„:

„From something that started out as a discussion about not having enough unity in music tohaving a mixtape out in about a month shows how much a small idea can be brought into fruitionby a little dedication and hard work. After all of the scrambling and deadlines, the Cali Co-opVol. 1 mixtape was formed and what we have here is only some of California’s finest talent inone package, mixed by DJ Gabe Real.“

Zu hören gibt es einige Newcomer aus Kalifornien und Acts wie z.B. Trek Life, Rick Hughes, Elzhi und Oddisee!

Cali Co-op Vol.1

Cover & Tracklist:


01. NOE ft. Oddio – 11, 12 (Prod. by Ro Tone)
02. Noa James – My Bars, My Life
03. Speak – Persian Disco
04. Skeem Price – Star Struck (prod. by J.bizness)
05. Jynxx – J.Y.N.X.X (My Story Chapter II)
06. Prophit PAN, Craze, B Boy – I Ain’t Hearin It (prod. by J.Bizness)
07. Tomorrow,Yesterday – Ladies Say
08. Lagos vs. New York (The Garfield Adams Suite remix)
09. Pheo – Turn It Up (prod. by AFTA-1)
10. Prophit PAN, Craze, B Boy – 15 Minutes (prod. by J.Bizness)
11. Trek Life & Oddisee – Enjoy Yourself
12. Reverb, Trek Life, Dvooa – Get This Money
13. ELzhi, Willam S., FOCus – My City (prod. by Rick Hughes)
14. Magnificent Ruffians & Eno – Krazy (prod. by DJ Gabe Real)
15. Gritty Bop (DeanLemm Remix) – Percee P.

via Infinite Cycle

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