Complex Valentine’s Day Mixtape (Mixtape-Download)

Complex kommt mit einem Mixtape zum Valetinstag. Damit ihr morgen auch was zum Kuscheln und Liebe machen habt. Unter anderem mit dabei: Erykah Badu, Prodigy, Mos Def, R. Kelly, SWV, Portishead, Aaliyah, Dwele und Daft Punk. Die Mischung machts.

„When it comes to setting the right romantic mood (i.e. one that eventually leads to dirty animal sex), nothing is more important than selecting the right music. Too much R&B makes you seem too eager. Too much rap or rock just kills the mood. Luckily, Complex found the perfect balance with our ultimate V-Day mixtape. And just to make sure we were on the right track, we got some special commentary from Complex columnist/female expert Olivia Munn.“

Complex Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Cover & Tracklist:


E-Rule “Listen Up”
dead prez “Mindsex”
NIck Drake “Pink Moon” (An excellent finger-picking track!)
Erykah Badu “Rimshot”
Janet Jackson “Anytime, Anyplace”
Madonna “Crazy for You”
Prodigy “Stuck to You”
Plies “Please Excuse My Hands”
Extreme “More Than Words”
Destiny’s Child “T-Shirt”
Cymande “Bra”
Mos Def “Panties”
R. Kelly “Naked”
SWV “Downtown”
Carl Thomas “My Valentine”
Dwele “Hold On”
Aaliyah “It’s Whatever”
Chris Brown “Poppin’”
Portishead “Glory Box”
Trey Songz “Sticky Face”
J. Holiday “Bed”
Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”
Leon Haywood “I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You”
Philly’s Most Wanted “Please Don’t Mind”
Depeche Mode “Pleasure, Little Pleasure”
Art of Noise “Moment in Love”
Jodeci “Stay”
Daft Punk “One More Time” (Rinse, wash, repeat.)

via Complex

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