Curren$y & Alchemist – Covert Coup EP

Curren$y und The Alchemist haben zusammen das Projekt „Covert Coup“ aufgenommen. Insgesamt kommt die von DiamondSupplyCo präsentierte Free-EP mit zehn neuen Tracks, alle produziert von Alchemist. Als Feature-Gäste sind Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA und Fiend vertreten.

„Obviously, I guess it would be redundant to say we were smoking weed, we made the music very high. It definitely is the audio equivalent of that; you’ll definitely feel high after you listen to it. I had a lot of fun doing it, man. He ain’t really restricted with his music as far as how he created, he’s real loose, that’s how I like to be too.“

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y & Alchemist – Covert Coup EP

Cover & Tracklist:

01. BBS
02. The Type feat. Prodigy
03. Blood, Sweat & Gears feat. Fiend
04. Life Instructions feat. Smoke DZA
05. Smoke Break
06. Scottie Pippen feat. Freddie Gibbs
07. Ventilation
08. Double 07
09. Success Is My Cologne
10. Full Metal

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