Diamond District – Something For Yall


Heute ist endlich das Diamond District Debüt-Album „In The Ruff“ über die Mello Music Group erschienen. Damit liefert das Trio um Oddisee, X.O. und yU aus Washington einen sehr guten Longplayer ab. Um auf den Geschmack zu kommen könnt ihr euch hier den von Kev Brown produzierten Song „Something For Yall“ downloaden. Checken!

„Something For Y’all” showcases emcees Oddisee, X.O. and yU trading verses, rapping to their audience, and trying to upstage each other. The track has a distinctively old school vibe. This old school spirit is one of the attributes that has made Diamond District’s debut so hotly anticipated. While you won’t find any Kangols in the vicinity of Diamond District (though Oddisee has been seen recently sporting a cardigan onstage), the track boasts a heaping serving of formative hip-hop flavor, and soul food. “Undefeated on my feet / when I’m dishing out defeat / like a plate of soul food with swine meat from Texas.“

Diamond District – Something For Yall


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