DJ Chong Wizard – Hell’s Kitchen (Mixtape-Download)


One of my favorite blend DJ’s, Vancouvers DJ Chong Wizard mit einem neuen Blend-Mixtape. Dieses Mal wird Raekwon mit Mobb Deep und Mobb Deep mit Raekwon germixt. Nice one!

DJ Chong Wizard – Hell’s Kitchen

Cover & Tracklist:


Mobb Deep
01. Striving For Perfection
02. Infamous Knuckleheadz
03. Microphone Knowledge (ft. Das Efx)
04. Only Built 4 Queensbridge Links (ft. Big Noyd)
05. Incarcerated Prodigy (ft. Big Noyd)
06. Rainy Nightz
07. Poisonous P
08. All So Simple Then (ft. Big Nody)
09. Shark DJs (Biters)
10. Over Dose Music
11. Corny Rappers (Interlude)
12. Street Wisdom
13. Ice Cream Man Outta Control (ft. 50 Cent)
14. Hells Kitchen
15. Raekwon ft. Ghostface – Heaven & Hell (original)

Raekwon The Chef
16. Hustler Instinct
17. Drop A Blend On Em
18. Drug Sport
19. Young Poor Hustler’s Theme
20. Coke Vultures
21. Gold, Oil & Drugs Pt. III
22. O.G. Cream Team (ft. Inspectah Deck)
23. Give It Up Kids
24. Still Cookin
25. Apostle’s Clientele

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