DJ MZA & Roger Jao – B-Boy Uprock Mix


Roger Jao aus Los Angeles hat zusammen mit DJ collabo einen Mix aus Hip Hop, Rock und Electro zusammengestellt. Mit dabei: J Dilla, Daft Punk, N.E.R.D., Styles Of Beyond, K-Os, Common, Race Against the Machine, Dizzee Rascal und einige mehr. Schönes Zusammenstellung, einfach mal die Tracklist checken und den 45-minütigen Mix downloaden.

„For the fourth release in my series of free downloadable mixes, I’ve linked up with the versatile and talented DJ Mza (DP Sound / Turntable Addicts / Soul Circle Radio) to produce “The B-Boy Uprock Mix,” an ambitious, gritty mix of rock, hip hop and electronica. Songs from seemingly disparate genres are fused together with heavy metal guitar riffs and nasty breakbeats. Simply put, we wanted to put the violence back in dance music. It’s a short, tight set that we’re hoping you’ll want to rock out to again and again… whether it be in the mosh pit or the b-boy circle.“

DJ MZA & Roger Jao present: B-Boy Uprock Mix

Cover & Tracklist:



via Soul Assassins

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