ELMNT – Silver Magic Ships (EP)

Endlich neues von Rapper ELMNT aus Toronto. Bevor er am 10.Juli Projekt „Stara-Nova“ veröffentlicht haut er die EP „Silver Magic Ships“ als Free-Download raus. Inspiriert wurde er bei den insgesamt sechs Tracks von Sixto Rodriguez und dessen Song „Sugar Man“:

„Jays are killing shit, Kawasaki’s a G, the weather is hot as shit, Stara-Nova’s done, just quit my job, still penniless, got a record in Serbia killing shit in the turbo folk scene (need a Vice doc), Got to record with Rass Kass, Wu family & Tragedy Khadafi.. Never thought I’d get to say that shit, finally shed this anger, found God in the Devil’s playground, watched cage matches on replay, drank Bombay, pissed Georgette off & learned all about love, all over again. Live life, glorious, don’t know really how poor he is. LIFE. BLESSED. Silver Magic Ships. Stara-Nova, July 10th. Rez, Jaff, Jay, Stan, thanks.“

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