Esoteric – 1989 (Download)


Esoteric (7L & Esoteric & The East Coast Avengers) kommt mit einem ersten Track aus seinem am 10.Februar erscheinenden Album „Serve Or Suffer„. Auf dem Longplayer, der in limitierter Stückzahl erscheinen wird, wird Eso nicht rappen.

Esoteric – 1989

Es über das Konzept des Albums:

„This is my “shut-up style” where I don’t rhyme. In fact I barely turn the mic on. There is no “stompin out fakes so fuck the jakes” here. It is all stuttering drums, happy/haunting melodies, curious soundbytes, and things you never thought would go together before. There are roughly 1,500 uncleared samples found within the 23 joints on this cd, so we figured that making a limited edition pressing of only 1,000 copies would keep us out of trouble!“




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