Exile & FLüD Watches – Radio (Mixtape)

Exile und FLüD Watches haben gemeinsam eine „Exile Radio Boombox Watch“ entwickelt und ein exklusives Mixtape mit dem Titel „Radio“ veröffentlicht. Solltet ihr unbedingt checken!

„Join us in celebrating one of the most innovative instrumental albums of our time with remixes and exclusive vocal versions of Exile “Radio” with the new album “AM/FM,” In Stores Now. In support of both albums, Dirty Science and Flud Watches teamed up to bring you an exclusive Exile “Radio” Boombox Watch alongside an exclusive mix by Exile himself for FREE DOWNLOAD. The mix maintains the original order of Exile “Radio” combined with the re-workings of “AM/FM.“

DOWNLOAD: Exile & FLüD Watches – Radio (Mixtape)

Cover & Tracklist:

01. Frequency ft. Evidence w/ Knxwledge Remix
02. Population Control w/ Samiyam and Dibiase Remix
03. Were All In Power ft. Evidence, Krondon and Blame One
04. Watch Out False Prophet ft. Dagsavage
05. Machine w/ DAVINCI Remix
06. It’s Coming Down ft. Alchemist w/ Knxwledge and Shafiq Husayn Remix
07. So We Can Move ft. Co$$ and Aloe Blacc w/ P.U.D.G.E. Remix
08. Sound is God ft. ADAD
09. Your Summer Song w/ Take Remix
10. Mega Mix ft. Fashawn and ADAD w/ Mike Gao Remix
11. In Tune Static w/ Assembly Line Remix
12. San Pedro Cactus
13. Love Line ft. Blu w/ 6Fingers Remix
14. Stay Tuned (here) ft. Muhsinah and ADAD
15. In Love w/ Milo 1, DJ Day, Clutchy Hopkins Remix

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