Fresh Daily – Mothership/ L A N D

Fresh Daily hat heute mit „Mothership/L A N D“ sein neues Free-Album veröffentlicht. 21 Tracks, unter anderem mit Features von Senor Kaos, Sene und Melo-X!

„This is an amalgam of many things. Us as a people, black people, the Diaspora, how we relate to each other in relationships & socially. All in all we’ve been built and programmed to have shoddy social/love relationships as a result of slavery and years of conditioning to break down our culture and heritage. They’ve failed. We’re WOKE with knowledge of self. We’re Young, Gifted and Black. Also just a personal dissertation & exploration on my relationships w/ lovers, friends & family. Also a celebration of women & the life cycle of sorts. We as men come out of a woman (our Mother) enter a woman again (our wives/lovers) and return to mother EARTH in death. Plus it’s just a spaced-out, low-end mixtape composed of dope jams. The mothership is here to expand how you think and take you somewhere else via audio rhythms.“

<a href="">The Next Best by Fresh Daily</a>

Cover & Tracklist:

01. The Next Best
02. Ramses Rhythms
03. Darling You f. Denim
04. Doing It
05. DRUMPOWER Freestyle
07. Starshine f. Denim [Snippet] 08. Space X Time f. TreZure The Empress
09. Sheba (M A K E D A Interlude)
10. Feel M E
11. In the Air f. Senor Kaos
12. Amazed f. Melo-X
13. AstralDance
14. The Stuy (Out My Mind)
15. Flying H I G H
16. S c e p t e r Interlude
17. How I Feel
18. The Long Run f. Sene
19. Good LUCK
20. NVME
21. ALLBLACK (M e n e l i k)

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