Geraet – Sampo (Beat Tape)

Produzent Geraet von den Cutcannibalz hat sein neue Beat Tape „Sampo“ gedroppt:

„While cutting down trees as a Lumberjack in north european forests, Geraet used his wurstbrot-breaks to compile an utmost sturdy Beattape in his coat-pocket whilst watching swimmers at the lake pretending to be ostriches. Dusty Finnish-Tango samples tripping over wooden MPC-drumsets. One chilly, foggy day a tiny chubby machine with greenish tentacles peeked out the swamp behind his cottage and asked to make friends with Geraet. He agreed and called it Sampo. Sampo turned out a fierce, busy helper whose long arms were efficiently pushing loggs and record crates, cutting branches and basslines, chopping trees and vocals and clearing samples and backyard… Geraet decided to dedicate this Beattape to him.“

DOWNLOAD: Geraet – Sampo

via RoL
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