Go Getters – World Record Holders

Epic! Bevor Kanye West um das Jahr 2000 rum so richtig bekannt wurde, war der Rapper und Produzent Teil der Underground-Crew „Go Getters“ aus Chicago. Die Gruppe bestand aus Kanye, GLC, Timmy G und Arrowstar. Ein offzielles Album wurde aber nie veröffentlicht.

Fake Shore Drive hat nun aber endlich die Compilation namens „World Record Holders“ ausgegraben… auf der einige Tracks der Crew zu finden sind. Mit dabei sind auch Mikkey Halsted und Rhymefest. Die genaue Story:

„Once upon a time there was a Chicago music conglomerate known as Kon-Man Productions, which was represented by Hustle, a marketing and promotions company run by Don Crowley, John “Monopoly” Johnson and Happy Lewis. At the top of the Kon-Man productions pyramid, was a up-and-coming rapper/producer by the name of Kanye West. Kanye had recruited some of Chicago’s top talent to join him on his road to riches and quest for stardom.

Producers such as Boogz, Arrowstar and Brian “All Day” Miller helped him on the production side, while emcees such as GLC, Mikkey, Rhymefest, Timmy G, Miss Criss, Shayla G and Really Doe held down microphone duties.Out of this conglomerate, a small “group” was formed which featured Kanye himself, GLC, Timmy G and Arrowstar – and this group was called the Go Getters. The Go Getters recorded a handful of songs, did some promo shoots and made radio appearances – but an official album was never released. A few of these tracks were released about 10 years ago via the World Record Holders album, which was more of a Kon-Man Productions compilation that also featured some completed Go Getters tracks. Also included on this album/mixtape were loose songs Kanye produced and completed songs from various Kon-Man artists.“

Download bei FSD: Go Getters – World Record Holders

Cover & Tracklist:

01. World Record Holders Intro
02. World Record Holders (Performed by: GLC, Kanye West, Timmy G)
03. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me (Performed by: Kanye)
04. Dem Guys (Performed by: GLC, Timmy G)
05. Ghetto Senorita (Performed by: Miss Criss, Kanye West & Shayla G)
06. All I Need (Performed by Kanye West, Mikkey Halsted, Miss Criss) (Prod. by Brian “All Day Miller)
07. Foolish Game (Performed by: Mikkey Halsted) (Prod. by Brian “All Day” Miller)
08. No Luv (Performed by: GLC, Timmy G)
09. Fight With The Best (Performed by: Kanye West, Rhymefest & Mikkey Halsted)
10. 10 In A Benz (Performed by Rhymefest & Kanye West) (Prod. by Andy C)
11. Uh Oh (Performed by: Kanye West, Timmy G, GLC)
12. Mind Yo Business (Performed by GLC, Timmy G, Kanye West)
13. Let Em In (Performed by Kanye West, GLC, Timmy G)

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