Holly Weerd – Electricity Showroom (Mixtape-Download)


Holly Weerd aus Atlanta haben ihr neues Free-Mixtape „Electricity Showroom“ gedroppt. Für die Beats zeigen sich unter anderem Madlib, J Dilla, A.D.D. Production und 9th Wonder verantwortlich. Unbedingt downloaden und reinhören! Dope!

Hollyweerd – Electricity Showroom

Cover & Tracklist:

Um das sehr gelungene Artwork zu vergrößern bitte die Thumbnails anklicken!

01. Jimi’s Intro / Violet (feat. Tuki) (Beat by 14KT)
02. Ridin Wit My Homiez / Miles Davis’ Lament (feat. Dreamer) (Beat by Samiyam)
03. Triple Chrome Undipped / Hold Up Zeldaq (Beat by Michna / Devon)
04. 3000’s Lesson / Step in Tomorrow (feat. Dreamer) (Beat by Madlib)
05. Black Friday Interlude / Cut the Check (An A.D.D. Production)
06. Eye of the Eagle Interlude
07. Wine & Dine / Love Handle (feat. Dreamer & Stago Lee) (Beat by Obsidian Blue / 14KT)
08. Black Dynamite / All In Your Smile (Produced by 9th Wonder)
09. The Date Interlude / Crazy Girls (feat. Dreamer & Yelawolf) (An A.D.D. Production)
10. Dilla Phone Call (Produced by J Dilla)
11. Bust it Open / Fist Foot Interlude (An A.D.D. Production)
12. The Arrival / A&T (feat. TheMattSmith) (Produced by Jay Jay the Kid)
13. U Scared Shawty (feat. Dreamer) (An A.D.D. Production)
14. Jimi’s Lament / Til Death (feat. Tuki) (Produced by Mr. DJ)
15. Miles Again / Day ‘N’ Nite (Wiimix)
16. Pinexpress / Spend the Night Part 2 (feat. Dreamer & Stago Lee) (An A.D.D. Production)
17. Mandatory Mandate (An A.D.D. Production)
18. I’m Soul / First Class (feat. Stago Lee) (Produced by Amdex / Madlib)
19. Shawty Too Hot / Wizlude (feat. Dreamer) (Produced by Amdex)
20. Carnivale Et Stag (feat. Stago Lee) (Composed by Jon Brion)
21. Member’s Only (Remix) / Sleep Tight (Produced by Aeon / Devon)
22. Jimi Again / Electric Feel (Original Track by MGMT)
23. Kodack (feat. Dreamer) (Composed by Jon Brion)

via Standard ATL

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