Jabee – Must Be Nice

Rapper Jabee aus Oklahoma hat sein neues Mixtape „Must Be Nice“ veröffentlicht. Präsentiert und gehostet wird das teil von Mick Boogie. Beats pickte sich Jabee unter anderem bei Green Lantern, 9th Wonder, Black Spade und Darkness. El Prez, Blu, XV, L.E.G.A.C.Y und einige mehr sind als Features zu hören. Good music!

Jabee – Must Be Nice

Cover & Tracklist:


01. A blessing (Produced by Joe Sway)
02. LITTLEearth ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y and OBone (Produced by Kadence)
03. Go Tell em (Produced by Hannibal King)
04. Dumb Musica ft. Black Spade (Produced by Black Spade)
05. Money ft. EL Prez (Produced by Savio is Dead)
06. Thats Good ft. Oddisee & Jumakae (Produced by Rob Viktum)
07. Don’t Forget about me (Produced by D/Will)
08. Car pool ft. Jumakae (Produced by Ronnie Harris)
09. I am (Produced by Darkness)
10. Funky She (Produced by Moral one)
11. Sunny Day ft. Picnic Tyme (Produced by Picnic Tyme)
12. 1983 ft. Chris McCain (produced by scootbeatz)
13. Virtues ft. Theory Hazit & aDDLib (Prod. by Theory Hazit)
14. Big Bad Wolf ft. Johnny Polygon (Prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
15. Anywhere ft. LMNO & Dawg Wonder (Prod. by Darkness)
16. Triumph Hanni fresh remix ft. Blu (Prod. by Hannibal King)
17. Taxi Ride ft. Chris McCain (prod. by Scootbeatz)
18. Laced to the heart (Prod. by Sabastian OH!)
19. Boombox (Prod. by DJ alibi)
20. Live Like a dream ft. Mac Lethal (Prod by Rob Viktum)
21. Hip Hop Prayer ft. Chuy (prod. by Darkness)
22. Vip in heaven ft. XV (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
23. One
24. Evaporation (Prod. Mes the Jive Turkey)
Bonus: Story II tell (Produced by DJ SemaJ

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