K.Sparks – Super Senior (Free-LP)

DJBooth.net, 2Dopeboyz.com und KevinNottingham.com präsentieren das neue Projekt von K.Sparks aus Queens, New York. Features auf „Super Senior“ kommen von Pugs Atomz, Julius Francis, Threatz, Jeff Chery, D. Julien, Tina Quallo und Dave Barz. Produziert haben unter anderem Kurser, Pajozo, T Mos, Claps, DJ King Flow, Haze, Jae Monee und Hannibal King. K.Sparks über den Titel der Free-LP:

„As we all know…a Super Senior is a person that has been in school for a while and has failed to graduate…I wanted to create a conceptual album that told a story…and at the same time provided a message.“

K.Sparks – Super Senior

Cover & Tracklist:



1. Introduction [prod. by King Flow] 2. In The Building (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Claps] 3. Super Senior [prod. by Kurser] 4. Sunshine (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Pajozo] 5. Spoken Word (Interlude) [prod. by Jae Monee] 6. I Know [prod. by Kurser] 7. Callin Me (Interlude)
8. Callin Me (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Kurser] 9. Todd From The Label (Interlude)
10. Temperature (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by T Mos] 11. Mind Drift [prod. by Thelonious Martin] 12. Slum Dog Millions (f. Julius Francis & Dave Barz) [prod. by Kurser] 13. Blind Man [prod. by Kurser] 14. 1800 Beloved (Interlude) [prod. by DJ King Flow] 15. 1800 Beloved [prod. by Kevin Fountain] 16. On n On (f. Pugs Atomz & Tina Quallo) [prod. by Pajozo] 17. Campus News Set Back Bill (Interlude)
18. Microphone Fiend (f. Jeff Chery) [prod. by Kurser] 19. Horns (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Haze] 20. Girlfriend (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Kurser] 21. Campus News Neighborhood Swap (Interlude)
22. Ewww! [prod. by Haze] 23. School Cypher (f. JD of Duality, D. Julien, Jeff Cherry, ThreatZ, and Lee Kid) [prod. by T Mos] 24. Overtime [prod. by Hannibal King] 25. Outro


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