PPP – The Official Abundance Mixtape (Mixtape-Download)


Am 23.Januar droppen PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers) ihr neues Album „Abundace„. Als Vorgeschmack auf den Longplayer präsentieren die Jungs aus Detroit ein offizielles Abundance Mixtape zum Free-Download. „The Official Abundance Mixtape“ hat Waajeed auf der letztjährigen Europa-Tour zusammengestellt. Nice!

PPP – The Official Abundance Mixtape

Cover & Tracklist:


1. Abundance Intro
2. Angel (feat. Coultrain) (Waajeed Remix)
3. Shotgun (feat. J Dilla) (Waajeed’s Plinky Remix)
4. Your Day Is Done (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) (DJ Topspin vs. Waajeed Remix) **
5. Deep Inside (feat. SA-RA & Rozzi Daime) (Waajeed Remix) %
6. Stay With Me (feat. Tiombe Lockhart) (DJ Topspin vs. Waajeed Remix)
7. Fever (feat. Zeno) (DJ Topspin vs. Waajeed Remix) **
8. Goodbye (feat. Jamila Raegan) (PPP EXCLUSIVE) ++
9. Stand For Something (feat. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan) (PPP EXCLUSIVE)
10. Detroit Winter (feat. Invincible) (Waajeed Remix)
11. Act Like You Know (feat. J Dilla) (Waajeed vs. DJ Topspin Remix)
12. 1 Luv 2 U (feat. Neco Redd) (Waajeed vs. DJ Topspin Remix)
13. Can’t You Feel It (feat. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan) (PPP EXCLUSIVE)
14. Now Or Never (feat. Tiombe Lockhart) (Waajeed Remix)
15. No Worries (feat. Steve Spacek) (Waajeed Remix)
16. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (feat. Raheem DeVaughn) (EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL VERSION) @
17. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (feat. Rogiers) (Waajeed vs. DJ Topspin Remix)
18. Synchronicity (feat. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan) (PPP EXCLUSIVE)

All tracks produced & remixed by Waajeed for PPP/Bling47, plus:
** Co-produced by Saadiq for PPP/Cherry Ann Music
% Additional production by Selan
++ Additional production by Simon Katz
@ Additional production by Mark de Clive-Lowe

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