Rob Viktum featuring Donwill & Friends – Aight, New Drink (EP)

Donwill von Tanya Morgan hat zusammen mit Rob Viktum eine weitere Free-EP aufgenommen. Auf „Aight, New Drink“ gibt es zudem noch Pea, Phil Nash, Lee Sissing, Jermiside, Elucid, Add-2 & Theory Hazit zu hören. Sehr schönes Ding. Rob Viktum über das Projekt:

„I owe the initial idea of hollering at Don Will, to the ARE. I consider him a close friend, and he told me the next step in the game for me would be to holler at an mc and do a full project with them. Honestly my first thought was Don. I shot him a message, and he hit me back almost immediately and agreed to do the record. We both agreed about making it free, but making sure it was quality enough to make people still enjoy it as if they had purchased it. I hope you guys enjoy „Aight, New Drink“ and I look forward to sharing more with you guys. Peace!“

Rob Viktum featuring Donwill & Friends – Aight, New Drink

Cover & Tracklist:



1. Worth The Wait featuring Phil Nash, Von Pea & Lee Sissing
2. Barakaran featuring Elucid
3. Midwestern Lament featuring Jermiside, Add-2, Theory Hazit & Brickbeats
4. Love Life featuring Lee Sissing
5. Posthumous featuring Jermiside

produced by rob viktum
mixed by donwill
mastered by brickbeats

via RIK

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