ScholarMan & Jonesy – Hood Stories The Remixes EP

ScholarMan und Jonesy haben sich die vier Tracks der „Hood Stories„-Serie von ScholarMan geschnappt und germixt. Rausgekommen ist diese richtig gute „The Remixes EP„. Als Bonus gibt es den neuen Song „Prize Money“. Storytelling!

„On my past four albums I have presented my listeners with a series of street tales called „Hood Stories.“ In each of these songs I have described various scenarios of struggle, hustle and tragedy, all with a common message of survival. Jonesy came up with the idea of remixing all of these songs as well as presenting a fifth and final story. With that said, check out the remixes! Thanks for downloading.“

<a href="">A Hustler&#8217;s Sunday (Vol.1 Remix) by ScholarMan</a>

Cover & Tracklist:

1. A Hustler’s Sunday (Vol.1 Remix)
2. Cornerstore Chris (Vol.2 Remix)
3. Raheem’s Fate (Vol.3 Remix)
4. Wounded Warrior (Vol.4 Remix)
5. Prize Money (Vol.5 Finale)

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