Stetsasonic – The Original Hip Hop Band

DJ ReMike & Soul Productions präsentieren ein neues Oldschool Mixtape. Aber so richtig oldschool. Das ganze ist ein Tribut an die Stetsasonics, eine der ersten Hip-Hop-Crews, die Live-Musiker einsetzten und durch den Gebrauch von Jazz-Samples die Vorreiter des Alternative Hip-Hop und des Jazz-Raps waren… schön Sache. Ich hab euch noch das Video des wohl bekanntesten Tracks der Crew „Talkin‘ All That Jazz“ dazu gepackt.  Checken!

„Stetsasonic was a hip hop group that dropped 3 albums in the mid to late 80s (around the same time as Run-DMC was active). They’re considered to be the first hip hop live band. After the group folded, their frontman, Daddy-O went on to drop a solo debut and become a very in-demand producer, and their DJ Prince Paul became a part of reknowned hip hop group De La Soul. My reason for dropping this mixtape was that I felt that Stetsasonic’s music had been forgotten, and that i should bring it to the light.“

Stetsasonic – The Original Hip Hop Band

Cover & Tracklist:



01. Hip Hop Band Intro
02. Showtime
03. Just Say Stet
04. So Let the Fun Begin
05. Gyrlz
06. Go Stetsa
07. Wordsmith – Interlude
08. Daddy-O – Brooklyn Bounce
09. Talkin All That Jazz
10. Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
11. Go Brooklyn 3
12. Hip Hop Band
13. Ghetto Is The World
14. DBC Let The Music Play
15. No BS Allowed
16. Stet Troop 88
17. Daddy-O – Flowin In File
18. Daddy-O – Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
19. Bust That Groove
20. My Rhyme
21. A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
22. The Problemaddicts – What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)

Stetsasonic – Talkin All That Jazz

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