Swerve – The Barrelhouse LP

Rapper Swerve hat sein neues Projekt „The Barrelhouse LP“ veröffentlicht. Für die Beats zeigen sich unter anderem J57, DJ Mentos, D-Rock und DGS veranwortlich, als Feature-Gäste sind Co$$, SYG, Sene und Ridla zu hören. Enjoy!

Swerve über das Konzept der LP:

„Barrelhouse Background: Also known as a juke joint or a bar or saloon. The term originates from the storage of barrels of alcohol that were often turned into tables around the bar. Barrelhouse’s were set up on the outskirts of town, often in ramshackle buildings or private houses, they offered food, drinks, dancing and gambling for weary workers. They also birthed many genre’s of Blues and provided a circuit for emerging artists to travel and perform. The owners would often tend bar themselves and usually make extra money selling groceries or moonshine to patrons, or providing cheap room and board.“

via 2DB
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