The Black Opera – Overture (EP)

Nach den beiden Free-Tracks „Opera Hands“ & „Teleport“ haut das Black Opera Kollektiv nach ihrem Signing bei der Mello Music Group nun auch ihre Debüt-EP „Overture “ für lau raus:

„The 7-track audio demonstration was the first glimpse of the secretive conglomerate of artists and musicians that act as counter-cultural operatives. Hidden in plain sight, Overture turned heads with production from 14KT, Apollo Brown, Rhettmatic, SlopFunkDust, J-Rell, and Nick Speed. Mello Music Group is providing the people with this introduction, Overture, free in an effort to recruit more people to the movement.“

Cover & Tracklist:

1) Endtroduction (prod by The Black Opera)
2) Sleep Tight (prod by 14KT)
3) King Tut (prod by J-Rell)
4) M.A.S.H. (prod by Nick Speed)
5) Gods Camera scratches by Rhettmatic (prod by Rhettmatic and Slop Funk Dust)
6) Legendary Scrolls (prod by Apollo Brown)
7) Timeline feat Tiffany Paige (prod by 14KT)

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