The Jazz Jousters & Dave Brubeck – Take

Das neue Lab-Sessions-Release der Jazz Jousters widmet sich Dave Brubeck. Produziert haben dieses Mal Pawcut, FloFilz, Es-K, The Specialists, Blue Buttonz, Jaze Baqt, Slim The Chemist, Bones The Beat Head, B 3 N B i und Dyversity.

„The Jazz Jousters Take 5 with Dave Brubeck was a last minute an idea that some of the group discussed while they were making Golden Moments with Wes Montgomery and they basically got straight to work on a Jazz Jousters special to celebrate the life and musical legacy of the Jazz piano legend, Dave Brubeck, 6th December 1920 – 5th December 2012. On this special each producer sampled their own D.B piece as opposed to them all usually sampling the same song. „

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