The Joint Chiefs – The Smoke Musik EP

DJ Rhettmatic und Frank Nitt haben die „The Smoke Musik EP“ im Jahr 2008 aufgenommen. Ursprünglich als Album geplant, wurde das Projekt leider nicht weiter verfolgt oder veröffentlicht. Zum Glück haben die beiden nun entschieden die EP als Free-Download zu veröffentlichen:

„In honor of keeping a tradition alive of dropping some free music on my birthday (May 10) as a way of saying „Thank You“ to anyone that has supported my music & my musical career, I wanted to share this unreleased 2008 project that I did with my good friend, Frank Nitt of Frank N Dank fame. We only made 8 songs with some skits in between & no one has ever heard this EP until now. This was made on saw „raw sh*t“ vibe, not giving a f*ck…we even played this EP for a certain „Beat Conducta“ while we would hang out at The Do-Over during the summer of 2009, hence the „What’s up to Otis“ line in the Intro song. Our unreleased EP would also be the catalyst & sparked the collabo between Frank & Mr. Otis Jackson Jr („Medicine Show #9: Nittyville“).“

via RIK
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