The Outlines feat. RZA – Visions

Time for some new #WuWednesday! Mit „Visions“ von The Outlines präsentiert RZA bereits den dritten Song aus seiner „#WuWednesday“-Reihe:

„No man is a true believer unless he desireth for his brother that which he desireth for himself.“

This weeks song is entitled „Visions“. Its by a group called Outlines, featuring me. The song is about world peace thru us taking individual responsibility for our actions and us helping save to others once we have saved ourselves.

Being out here in China and seeing the growth of our culture in their world and seeing how their culture influenced my world led me to choose this song. We all so much on the same path as individuals only separated by language and custom and location. And the negative forces that strive to keep us apart by fabricating false images of each other. Well the RZA and Outlines have a vision for a better world.

The Outlines are a group out France whom I’m co producing. You will be hearing more from them. Peace!

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