Von Pea – Grand(er) Vonye

Von Pea von Tanya Morgan hat eine neue Version seines 2007er Mixtapes „Grand Vonye“ veröffentlicht. Statt der Kanye West Beats wurden nun alle Instrumentals von „Grand(er) Vonye“ innerhalb von 24h selbst produziert.

„Grand(er) Vonye! remixed in 24 hours 4 years ago. I love the samples I found for Progress Report and Critical Beatdown (keep in mind this is a remixed project so these beats didnt exist when the songs were written) and I got tired of not sharing this with anyone so…here it is! (You can say $0 by the way) – Von Pea“


1. Introduction f. Ilyas
2. We Need To Know
3. We Out There
4. Progress Report f. Donwill
5. Critical Beatdown
6. BK Spirit
7. Voodoo f. Jermiside
8. Explosive f. Donwill
9. Change f. Che Grand
10. Living A Movie
11. Call The Cops f. Spec Boogie


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