Moment Abroad (Timelapse)

Andrew Walker war vergangenen September in Deutschland, Österreich und Tschechien unterwegs und hat aus seinen Aufnahmen den Timelapse-Film mit dem Titel „Moment Abroad“ gebastelt. Tolle Bilder:

These timelapse shots were taken while I was exploring the areas around Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic back in late September. Really enjoyed my time there and it was interesting visiting places that have been around for so long and seen so much history. Was shot using a Canon 5D Mark III and a bunch of Canon and Ziess lenses. Motion control gear was a Dynamic Perception Stage R Pan/Tilt head being controlled by a eMotimo controller in a 3D printed box.

Music: „Noah“ Soundtrack
Artist: Clint Mansell
Track: Day and Night Shall Not Cease

via Devour
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