New Zealand Landscapes (Timelapse)

Fotograf Bevan Percival hat seine 6-monatige Reise durch Neuseeland mit mehreren Timelapse-Videos festgehalten. Im dritten Timelapse-Clip zeigt er uns wunderschöne Landscape-Aufnahmen der Nord- und Südinsel. Weitere Clips findet ihr auf Vimeo, die besten Fotos auf Flickr.

„When your out all alone in the remote areas the reality of life is broken down into very simple things. Staring up into the infinity of a clear star filled sky, in a half sleep state, and as the frost starts to settle, all there is to worry about is that your sleeping bag is warm enough, the fire is not going to die, the camera shutters are still going click click every 30 sec or so, that the lens heaters are stopping your lenses from fogging up – not complicated – pretty simple really – pretty easy to be happy.“

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