Achtung Satire: Eine professionelle Influencer-Familie

„Influencer“. Das könnte ja aktuell fast zum Unwort des Jahres werden. Passend dazu ein geniales Satire-Video von CBC Comendy, das den Alltag einer „professionelle Influencer Familie“ parodiert. Meet the social media influencer family aka die Social-Media-Familie des Grauens:

Last year, they made about $1.3 million through sponsored content and collectively have over seven million followers. AJ, the self-proclaimed “man of three accounts,” operates all of his channels under the umbrella of a personal brand that he calls Try. At the moment, he’s hoping to secure a strategic partnership with Starbucks.Brit and AJ are trying for a third child. AJ hopes that the pregnancy will bring “nine months of pretty solid content.”

via Blogrebellen & Fernsehersatz

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