Audiohope – Light in the Sea Vol. 2 (Beat Tape)

Ein paar entspannte Beats zum Wochenende: Produzent Audiohope hat über Roots of Society Records das Nujabes Tribute-Projekt „Light in the Sea Vol. 2“ mit 20 neuen Instrumentals veröffentlicht. Checken!

„Light in the Sea is a series of beats I specially made in the sound of Nujabes legacy. I wanted to have music of my own to sound similar but to be totally new to everyone’s ears . As soon as anybody hears any of this sound, they will know exactly who I made it for and why . Light in the Sea vol.2 is a big step for me as a musician , and not only as a beat maker. So Here, I give you guys this project in dedication to Nujabes legacy.“

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