Bahwee – Flavors 2 (Beat Tape)

Entspanntes Beat Tape namens „Flavors 2“ von Bahwee aus L.A.

„Alright guys. So remember last year when I proclaimed that my forthcoming album The Gap was gonna be this total change in sound direction for me and all that? Well it turns out that I’m an idiot and a liar because I’m back with a Flavors 2 and The Gap, which was supposed to be out last July is still being “mastered”. I know, I know…it will come out later this year I think. In the meantime bitches, here’s Flavors 2. I was gonna do a whole blurry lights thing again for the visual but Ta-ku used it for Latenyc and there’s only so many blurry lights and triangles to go around in this world. Shouts out to My Hollow Drum, the whole HW&W squad, and Soulection Radio and much love to everybody fucking with me. I did this for y’all.” – Bahwee

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