Beat Tapes: L’Orange, Aloha Got Soul & Dr.MaD

L’Orange – The Mad Writer
„For his latest release, The Mad Writer, L’Orange has assembled a distinguished roster of guest artists to populate a new concept album with inspired rhymes and vocal performances from Blu, yU, Has-Lo and Erica Lane. The Mad Writer attests to L’Orange’s ability to unite a wealth of diverse talent under a common creative banner, a mark of a well-respected producer. “

DJ History & Aloha Got Soul – Hawaiian Mystery Mix
„If you think Hawaii is all about surfing and volcanoes, then you are wrong. It’s about surfing, volcanoes, and soul, jazz and funk. Roger Bong is the 50th state’s crate digger supreme, collecting records that are almost too obscure to be true.“

Dr.MaD – South.EP

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