Beat Tapes: The Boomjacks, Audiodoctor, Gadget & Rice Master Yen

Frische Beats von den Boomjacks aus Finnland, Audiodoctor, Gadget (bekannt von den Millennium Jazz Releases) und Rice Master Yen (dieses Mal mit Kostia).

The Boomjacks – Butter & Jam
Butter & Jam takes a dive in to the realms of jazz and funk, we were inspired by jazz-funk records and their visuals. The release is available on our Bandcamp for free/pay what you want.

Audiodoctor – Jazz Hip​-​Hop Instrumentals Volume 2
This is a compilation of some of my best work since the release of my first one on July 2011. Feel free to use them however you wish as long as you buy the album. If you’re a rapper, the beats should be used for promotional use only, and not for profit. I’m not responsible for any loss or damages if you get sued because the samples were never cleared.

Gadget – Sequences 2​.​0
Expect something slightly darker and electronic compared to some of Gadget’s recent works, as the sequences bring you a complete mix up of break beats meets synthesizers and composition moving through various moods, movements and tempos.

Kostia & Rice Master Yen – Old School, New School, That´s Not The Question

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