DJ Concept – Flight Patterns 2 (Album-Stream)

Wie schon beim Vorgänger (2012) hat Produzent DJ Concept aus Long Island auch den zweiten Teil seines Instrumental-Projekts „Flight Patterns“ komplett vor (um die Wartezeiten zu überbrücken) und während eines Fluges zusammengeschraubt – dieses Mal von LA (LAX) nach Phoenix (PHX). Weitere Besonderheit: Drei Feature-Parts von Marshall, John Jigg$ und Reks.

„As Concept tells it, the creation of the second ‚Flight Patterns‘ occurred similarly to the first one, because (as he implies in the title) he created the project during a flight from JFK to PHX. The thing is, it almost didn’t even happen. “TSA made me miss my flight and made me late for my meeting so I was tight,” he recalls, adding that he was so pissed by the time he got to PHX that he didn’t listen to the music for months. When he did, though? “I was like, ‘Damn, these tracks are ill,’” he says, so he sequenced the album and hit up some guests.“

via Whudat

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