Gadget – Nightfall (Beat Tape)

Millenium Jazz Music, bekannt für die „Lab-Sessions“-Reihe, präsentiert mit „Nightfall“ das neue, 13-Track starke Beat Tape von Produzent Gadget aka Dirty Thumbs. Dark, funky, hard hitting, uplifting, spiritual, melancholic, jazzy and even a little bashy, but always very Hip Hop.

„This album is dedicated to Bridgette Yvette Stuart who was my proud Mother, friend and teacher that passed away early this year. ‚Lone Stroller‘ was made with her in mind and the sound carries the feeling. It was also the last thing I was able to make during that time, which told me the album was now complete as I was no longer motivated during the evenings. A few months later I began to dig in bags of 45’s I found in her loft: : and I made ‚Bashmental‘. This has begun a new chapter as I intend to eventually make an album using nothing but those records. She would have loved that and boasted about the idea when among her closest people!“ – Gadget

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