Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie – Wasser EP

Die „Wasser EP“ ist ein weiteres entspanntes Soulection Instrumental-Release. Dieses Mal gibt sich das schweizer Duo Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie die Ehre.

„The thing is, there are so many boring loop beats in this beat scene.. I think you know what I mean. When Jazzo and I make music, our first principal is to have fun and to create songs, not loops, and with songs the meaning is, we want to have different parts in one track, and we work, maybe 7 hours on a track, have fun together and just love what we do, simple as that! Everytime we create, it’s like a trip through a colorful world.

Wasser means ‚Water‘ in English. The reality is that everybody needs water, water is nature, water is real, it’s fresh and peaceful. All the tracks within this EP are very chill. We both love nature and this is where we find much of our inspiration. We worked on every track more than 6 hours, we sat together in the studio and drank Water, cause we’re both straight edge. We just live and want to spread love and nature.“ -Jazzo & Melodisinfonie

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