Jinesis – The Sun Shines Through EP

Nach dem Teaser „Each Day, We Shine“ hat Produzent Jinesis aus New York nun seine neue EP „The Sun Shines Through“ veröffentlicht. Ganz stark. Solltet ihr checken!

We often wonder why certain individuals might seem to be successful while we’re often struggling to find our place in life. Introspective questioning on where we’re failing. Perspective will show however that it’s not necessarily that we are doing anything wrong, it’s just that our time hasn’t come yet. The people you see wining, the sun is shining on them for that moment. We should take it as the Sun is behind us and hasn’t caught up to us yet, our turn is soon to come once the sun catches up to us. This EP is a reflection of me creating and working towards when my turn comes. „The Sun Shines Through“ is a sunbeam highlighting my creative process. Thank you. Enjoy – Jinesis

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