John Robinson – Brilliant Soundscapes Vol.2

John Robinson hat den zweiten Teil seiner Instrumental-Reihe „Brilliant Soundscape“ veröffentlicht. Den ersten Teil vom Dezember letzten Jahres findet ihr bei Bandcamp.

„These Beats are truly my therapy! I mostly make beats in the wee hours when I am not writing and would hear a Drum pattern in my head and get on the Drum machine and bang it out and then build around the Drums. I am an Emcee/Writer first but I can honestly say I am falling back in love with the Beats again and it feels GREAT. This Vol. 2 is heavily inspired by the Drum Breaks, I am a BIG FAN of Heavy Drums so I chopped a lot of Drum Breaks on this one… When I make these Beats it is like Freely painting on a blank canvas until I feel the picture is done and then I move on… Thanks for Listening! It’s Brilliant!“

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