LJones – Soul Below (Beat Tape)

Produzent LJones aus Toronto hat sich einige seiner Instrumentals aus den letzten beiden Jahren geschnappt und diese nun auf einer Compilation mit dem Titel „Soul Below“ veröffentlicht. Jazzy!

DOWNLOAD: LJones – Soul Below

„I got into Hip Hop young and easily since a lot of my older cousins were teenagers during the 90s. Some even were breakers, turntablist, and taggers. I started out with breaking, but gave that up for a set of turntables. I was always interested in the beat making process since i’ve been a fan of old records but my interest really grew as i started DJing. I didn’t seriously think of making beats till after I heard Nujabes when I was about 16, Hearing his songs and the very moving melodies with the boom bap drums of the golden era, really inspired me. I worked part time jobs and bought my own MPC when I was 18 and since then I’ve been trying to make beats and find my ‘sound’.“

via Hypetrak
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