Radio Juicy: Fear And Loathing In Beats 2019 (Beat Tape)

Radio Juicy feiert seinen 7. Geburtstag und präsentiert passend zum Meilenstein die brandneue 2019er Ausgabe der Instrumental-Compilation „Fear And Loathing In Beats“. Das Projekt ist das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit von insgesamt 50 Künstlern. Zu hören gibt es unter anderem Beats von Mr. Käfer, leavv, Philanthrope, autumn keys, Figub Brazlevič und Flitz&Suppe. Checken!

„Fear And Loathing In Beats is the way we’ve been feeling all this time, like a long trippy journey that is a dream from which we’re never waking up of. Our success story is all entangled with our artists that also accomplished so much during this time. We’ve been on the edge ever since the beginning always trying to bring you innovation and fresh sound. We’ve always been trying so hard to be ahead of trends and thus setting new ones. Our main objective is to keep you always interested and cultivate your taste and inspiration. Because music is the pillar of self growth, the one universal concept that everyone on the planet has in common. It’s the language of the soul, body and mind.“

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