Re:Sample & DJ Spot – Boombap Busta (Beat Tape)

Der inzwischen 19.Release des Independent Labels Re:Sample trägt den Titel „Boombap Busta„: Das Projekt ist ein Instrumental-Album mit Beats von Said 1983 Pro, Shama One, Kid With the Gun, Kazet Music, The Machineguns, 9Yards, Nebogat Beats, Dacha Mafia, Esp Elizarov, Mot1v, Etrill, Laptop, das ganze serviert mit Scratches von DJ Spot.

„«Boombap Busta» is a real specialty of the house, consisting of dozen essential ingridients piquantly spiced by scratches by DJ Spot. Album represents whole bouquet of flavors- from familiar to everybody home food to authentic culinary delights, prepared for the most sophisticated gourmet of the genre.“

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