Soulection – Time In Between (Beat Tape)

Soulection präsentiert nach 27 Compilations mit „Time In Between“ den ersten offiziellen Release. Beats steuerten unter anderem Ta-Ku, Lakim, JuSoul, Evil Needle, Koen, Sango und einige mehr bei:

„The Time in Between captures genre-bending compositions from creative music makers worldwide. Carefully curated over an entire year, this compilation delivers a timeless journey future bass, modern-funk, uptempo soulful melodies and generally music that makes you feel alive.. Soulection releases The Time in Between putting a time stamp on the unique musical epoch that is 2013. By serving up genre-vague and undefineable sounds to the people first, Soulection maintains and reinforces the relevance and need for this timeless sound.“

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